The Littlest Mermaid Poses By the Other Littlest Mermaid

Like a lonely sailor, Anna is obsessed with mermaids. She already knows that she wants to be a mermaid for Halloween and a new mermaid costume is already in her room, draped across her toy-buried bed.

While hunting for decent coffee (sorry Dunkin Donuts–I can’t run on your joe), we found a charming coffee shop in Point Pleasant where the furniture was ripped, the plates chipped, and the coffee disarmingly strong. Across the street from this coffee shop, called the Green Planet, was a lovely, hand-painted, signed mural featuring a voluptuous red-haired mermaid (why are they always red heads?). The mural was an ad for eyewear. And seriously–who wouldn’t want to drop a few hundred bucks on some sharp shades with this kind of enticement beckoning?

One thought on “The Littlest Mermaid Poses By the Other Littlest Mermaid

  1. Christine

    Who wouldn't want to be a Mermaid for Halloween? She's a lucky girl to have a mum that cares about what she likes. As far as red haired mermaids…seems like that got worse after the Disney movie and i am guilty too! My first beaded mermaid also has red hair. If you get the time you and Anna can see her at my shop.
    I have another one in the works, she is smaller with a smaller display..I think I'll make her a blond. Christine

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