Ich Bin Ein Californian

The pilot sounded giddy, like some waiter stoked about what the chef was concocting in the kitchen, as if the weather forecast was this awesome meteorological entree he couldn’t wait to dish up. And he was right. It was the smoothest transcontinental flight I had ever been on. Ever. The seat belt sign was barely […]

California Soul

The nation’s third largest state is a vast stretch of sand, mountains, palm trees, vineyards and freeways. Hollywood, Mickey Mouse, fast food, Google…they all began here, in California. We’re in Los Angeles, a city wedged between sea and mountains, yet it’s a city with no real borders, for it’s impossible to tell where Los Angeles […]

California Dreaming

We arrived in California last Thursday famished. So we wasted no time in having a very late lunch at a California institution, the In -n- Out Burger where you can enjoy the freshest meat to come between two pieces of bread for $1.95. And that’s with cheese! Gorging on grilled beef and fried potatoes was […]

Summer Travel Must-Haves

There are many things I am not good at, and blogging is one of them. In fact, I’m wondering if I should open every blog post with a self-deprecating “I stink at this,” just to see who sticks around—a litmus test of your dedication, dear 2.5 readers. But now and then, there’s something worth blogging […]

The Doughnut’s First Year: A Retrospective

Just over a year ago, I started traveling with a giant plastic pink doughnut floatie. I can’t tell you where I got the idea, but I can tell you the doughnut made its debut in a private pool in Coral Springs, Florida, Christmas 2016. It’s public debut happened in Sedona, Arizona—a rather magical place to […]